TÜV certificate

ISO 9001:2015 is a certificate awarded by the TÜV organisation. It is checked every year and must be re-acquired every three years. We want to offer you only good quality and were therefore awarded with the certificate.

What’s your benefit from us being awarded with DIN 9001:2015?

It is our top goal to win and maintain the trust and contentment of our customers.

And this is what we do for it:

  • we have established an internal quality management system, describing the tasks and courses for a duly and simple procedure
  • before we accept an order, we make sure that we are able to meet your quality needs
  • we make sure that you get high quality products that meet your needs
  • we have layed down that mistakes concerning you as our customer will be cleared off quickly and how we can manage to avoid them in the future
  • we take care that you don’t receive faulty products if we recognize it beforehand
  • we have established rules for packaging and transport of our goods so that you receive them in faultless condition
  • we instruct our employees so that they are qualifiyed for their tasks