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On October, 1, 1938, Friedrich and Karl Maser in Nuremberg founded the company Gebr. Maser. Today, for more then 75 years we are your strong partner when it comes to the sanding of surfaces.

Now it is time for us to look back and to say thank you: Thank you for your customer loyalty and thank you for your trust. Your orders are a daily incentive for us to do our best to find the optimum abrasive products for you.

Especially for our anniversary we created a celebration publication which will give you a concise overview of our company's history.

For the anniversary, we are further releasing our new image film – have a short look "behind the scenes" of Gebr. Maser GmbH.

View of the comptoir with Friedrich and Karl Maser as well as Rudolf Gmelin

1938 - 2017:

over 75 years Gebr. Maser GmbH

Our product line includes high quality coated abrasives for all applications as well as abrasive paper, emery paper and sand paper.

We serve you professionally and competently because we are a medium-sized company, on the market for more then 75 years.

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